How does a SENCO co-ordinate the on-boarding?

How does a SENCO co-ordinate the on-boarding?

·          Begin by selecting your current documents for one CYP.

·          If they are not digital, scan and upload onto your hard-drive into the CYP’s personal folder.

·          Use the File Naming Convention (FNC) as directed by your SEND Policy. (For the SENDiT suggested format, please see next section. )

·          Carefully read the documents you have rejected as not ‘current’ and check none contain Assessments you wish to evidence. If they do, scan and upload these documents as above (2)

·          Consider the following sub-folders in each CYP’s folder.  This will support seamless on-boarding of documents.  

·         Disability Documents (as appropriate)

·         CLA Documents (as appropriate)

·         Current

·         Archived

·          On-board this first CYP – following the guidance within SENDiT.

·          Consider your next steps for on-boarding your SEN Support CYPs.

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