How does a SENCO on-board their current SEND Register?

How does a SENCO on-board their current SEND Register?

·          Go at the pace that suits you and your workload.

·          SENDiT is your software tool, designed by front-line staff, but with the aim of facilitating you to lead your practice.

·          SENDiT will provide you with a digital tool which creates separate and unique records for each of the CYPs you are responsible for as the SEND Lead.

·          Within a short period, you will have on-boarded your SEND Register and will have access to the SENDiT tools to manage the coordination.

·          Initially this will not involve using the ‘screening’ option. The guidance below will look at this feature in more detail.

·          Your SEND Policy will determine your own entry and exit protocols for your SEN Support and Disability cohorts. SENDiT provides the tool to evidence the significance of the difficulties the CYP is currently facing and their required provision (based on sound professional knowledge). This evidence will support your decisions.

·          You will be given four choices for the on-boarding task, and Guidance is provided to clarify any user’s decision.

1.       Start the screening process

2.       Enrol the CYP as SEN Support

3.       Enrol the CYP as EHCP status

4.       Assign the CYP to Disability Cohort

·          Following the on-boarding of your SEN Support/EHCP and Disability cohorts, you will then be a confident user of SENDiT, and you can plan to bring your teaching team into the SENDiT user team.

·          Looking at the iPlan in its entirety will lead to decisions associated with arranging next step assessments; professional input or, following parent/carer meetings,  re-allocation of  a CYP to a change of cohort within SENDiT because the evidence recorded within SENDiT led to this decision.

·          SENDIT will give you the tool to make all these decisions based on evidence which has been gained by collaborating with the external and internal team.

·          You will need to read this guidance and prepare your documents. This will require you to scan paper documents, unless you already have a digital system in place. 

·          The next step is to ‘on-board’ your first CYP, by following the guidance on each page. 

·          See the guidance below to consider who you will choose to be your first CYP.